Moab’s Premier Off-Road Training

This single day or three day adventure that is designed as a training expedition for the seasoned or novice off-roader looking for a real backcountry experience. You will travel through some of the most remote regions of desert in North America as you learn everything from proper driving techniques to manifold cooking to navigational skills and vehicle recovery. This dynamic training experience will leave you with a greater understanding of the "Big Picture" of expedition adventures. You are encouraged to bring your own vehicle or a Jeep rental can be arranged for your adventure. Your guide is an experienced off-road instructor with over thirty years on the trails. Read more in our interview with The Adventure Portal.

Contact Us for Dates & Details

(435) 260-6056

Your Instructor: John Marshall

  • Certified Off-Road Driving Instructor (I4WDTA)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
  • Certified U.S. Marshal’s Desert Tracker
  • Over 30 years off-road experience
  • Spotless Safety Record